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Puppy and Kit Kat

Breeder of Golden Retrievers in Greeley, CO

At SNL Farms, we've been breeding and raising Golden Retrievers for many years. When you're looking for an established dog breeder, look no further. Our dogs are bred for their temperament and reputation as good family dogs.
Golden Retriever Puppy - Golden Retriever Dog in Greeley, CO
When we decided to sell Golden Retrievers and Miniature Schnauzers, we selected these two breeds because of their physical appearance and gentle disposition. Our customers tell us the pups they get from us exceed their expectations. They become affectionate friends and tend to form a special bond with their trainer or close companion.

NEW PUPPIES !!! The little furry friends will be able to be yours in as little as 8 weeks. Don't hesitate to call now and claim your little guy or girl.
Golden Retriever Puppy Closeup - Golden Retriever Dog in Greeley, CO
If you're in the market for a Golden addition to your family, we'll be happy to show you our pups.
Contact us for more information about our current litters of pups.